First, let the truth speak for itself.

I've always believed that beauty can be found anywhere if given a chance. Few people disagree that Oswego NY has some of the best sunsets in the world. In addition, a variety of wildlife depend on our shores for shelter, nourishment, congregation and much more. I put my heart and soul in capturing Mother Nature at her finest, here in our hometown. If you haven't seen "Fly Away Home," now is your chance! Click play and let the truth speak for itself. After watching, I'm sure you'll agree that our shorelines are simply amazing and spectacular!

With so much self-evident beauty, it's no wonder countless people everday want to expercience first-hand, what our town has to offer! Gorgeous sunsets, fishing, boating, leisurely walks with their familes on the shore...and so much more!

Secondly, we have a real problem.

The Port Of Oswego Authority has restricted access to nearly all of our city's once publicly accessible shoreline on the east side of town. They have hired security which now patrols the area and will kick anyone off the shoreline. More precisely, for generations folks have had direct access to the lakeshore from down below Fort Ontario to East 10 1/2 Street. Please visit our testimonials page to read first-hand the amazing amount of memories and appreciation all of us have for this area!

If you take a look at the google map on the right, We've put the situation into perspective. This is a map of Oswego, NY. The only publicly accesible shoreline Oswego, NY now has is incredibly miniscule. Currently, what is publicly accessible is highlighted in green. That would be one small parking area at the end of East 10 1/2 street and an area out by the steam station...(and the steam station is on the outskirts of town...) that's it! In red is the area now inaccesible because of the Port of Oswego Authority (including previously unaccessible shoreline.) Purple is inaccessible either for natural reasons or private proverty. We want to know why the Port Of Oswego Authority couldn't implement their rail expansion project while still keeping public access to what was once a true treasure for litterally thousands upon thousands of people!?

Thirdly, we need a solution to this problem.

A solution should be found so that the Port Of Oswego can flourish, but at the same time, the shoreline from Fort Ontario to E. 10 1/2 St. should be publicly accessible to any and all. For reference, here is a spot on WRVO radio in which Rocco Saya and the director speak about the situation (this was on Sept 29, 2014.) Pay attention to the photograph on their web page and have a listen to the radio interview. The photograph is the small parking area at the end of East 10 1/2 St. that is now the ONLY publicly accessible shoreline area in the entire immediate Oswego city. This is completely unacceptable and just plain wrong!

What happens next? Please stay tuned. We are working as fast as we can creating this web site. We are trying to communicate with the Port Of Oswego to more clearly understand the situation. If we can't get them to agree to some sort of solution/compromise, we'll start a petition and participate (if need be) in a protest. You can help right now by contacting the mayor, the port authority, NYS senators and here. Thank you for your support. We'll do our best to keep everyone informed. Remember to vist our facebook page here.

Lastly, if you would like to contact us directly, please send an email to shoreline
You can also visit our Facebook page and leave a message there.